Buyer's Guide to Womens Shorts
Once worn only by young European and British boys, shorts are now accessories and are available in exiting, sporty, sexy trends. Shorts are the ‘in-thing’ today. From men wearing skirts similar to Scottish-kilts in Europe, to breeches in the 14th -16th century to knickerboxers, full trousers just below the knees, shorts are pretty historic. Initially worn mostly as sportswear, knee-length pants and shorts for kids have now become quite popular. Influenced by the British, private boys’ schools have pantsuits as their uniform.

Cycling Shorts, Tights and Trousers
In winters, we all end up wearing what we want to like comfortable shoes, fitting clothes that don’t get stuck in the bike chain, etc. But in extreme summers and winters, you have to choose what you wear intelligently. Especially the lower half.
Mountain Biking For A Woman
Is a women-specific bike necessary in mountain biking?
Your built, preferences and style of riding hold the answer to this question. Test-ride various types of bikes to know which bike are appropriate for you. This will tell you if your body can do with a general bike or whether you need a gender-specific bike.
Features Of A Good Cycling Short
To answer this question, you ought to know the reason to why people cycle. The answer lies in the fact that besides being a means of transportation, regular cycling is a good way of remaining fit. Bikers have well developed muscles due to the exercise provided by cycling. The proper way to cycle is to relax while cycling, and so, a proper cycling gear is essential.
Cycling Apparel - Important at Any Fitness Level
Based on your comfort, fitness and knowledge, you unknowingly tend to classify. What’s your size- small medium or large? Do you tend to stick to books or are you athletic? What about your height? Do you drink just for the heck of it or do you usually tend to go full on?
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